Standard Support Services are included with every server free of charge and is based on hardware, bandwidth and Operating System. Billing related inquiries are also handled under our standard support services .

Our Configuration Support Service is designed for clients that require assistance configuring and troubleshooting the server installed applications. All Server client’s are given 4 free trouble tickets with each server.

Standard Support Service Option :
  • All of our hosting solutions carry standard support services which are available free of charge.
  • Online support is available 24 X 7 X 365 via email and the Online Trouble Ticket System.
  • Phone support is available 9AM to 8PM EDT, 7 days a week.
  • Standard support requests should be submitted via email and / or the Online Trouble Ticket System.
  • Billing related inquiries are handled from 10AM to 4PM EDT, Monday through Friday, via email or phone.
  • We monitor power, bandwidth, http / smtp response on all customer servers on a 3 minute interval from outside the network as well as on the network.
  • We identifying and block DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
  • We notify when patches that may apply need to be installed, however we are not responsible for installing and maintaining the patches on the servers.
  • It is however a requirement of our NETWORK POLICY that all machines need to be secure and patched regularly.
  • Upgrades must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance.
  • When requesting support that requires us to login to a server, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide updated login information.
  • Network connectivity from the customers server to our backbone providers.
  • Support for DNS management via our DNS Servers.
We are NOT responsible for the following: 
  • Customer coding issues.
  • 3rd party software installed by the customer.
  • OS or software problems caused by bugs or patches
  • Virus or worm infections. Virus protection / removal is the customer's sole responsibility.
  • Ongoing server management .
  • Ongoing creation of domains or web sites
  • Configuration beyond the basic functionality of installed applications
  • Troubleshooting customized applications
Pay-per-incident Support :
Additional trouble tickets can be purchased beyond your servers included support services. These Support tickets may be purchased individually or in bulk. They are non-refundable and non-transferable when purchased in advance. Remote hands is a seperate Billable action.

Support Trouble tickets can be used for non-standard support issues such as:

  • OS software patches
  • General server configuration
  • Web server configuration
  • Mail server configuration
  • FTP server configuration
  • DNS server configuration
  •  Firewall and IDS Configuration
Troubleshooting of installed applications or basic server functionality
Setup of up to 3 domains or web sites per trouble ticket
For Trouble Ticket Pricing, and if you require standard email support / online support ticket,

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