Commonly referred to as UCE ( unsolicited commercial email )

  • Spam is a waste of time, resources and energy. We do not tolerate any form of abuse. We make full use of the major Spam limiting databases, plus server level filtering.
  • Spambait was a useful tool in its day to poison email extractors, this howver does not seem to work any more. Most machines spewing UCE is due to infections and spammers could not care less about the accuracy of their lists, as they are not using their resources.
  • We have retired the use of our spambait script for this very reason. We recommend users to learn how to use Anti Virus and the most import part, UPDATE your anti virus regularly - MANUALY dont always rely on automation. 
  • The majority of Spam comes from Torrent exit nodes and proxy servers. Not only do they send spam, they also attempt to scrape contact forms to submit spam,
  • The use of Greylisting definately helps tom reduce spam from infected machines, by delaying mail for 5 minutes, from the sender's server.
  •  Spamassasin is a handy tool to slow down / stop spam from specific email adresses.
  • Spamhause and SpamCop are very useful RBL resources
  • Firewalls and host.deny IP lists are quite effective agaist netblocks that permit Spam and abusive attacks, that waste your resources.

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