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DNS server updates

Updating your domain, DNS servers and hosts is easier than ever. Please login to your account below and you can make your changes instantly. If you have a control panel account, if you do not have control panel account or we manage the DNS, then please use our trouble ticket system.

Please note changes, normally take from 4-48 hours to be implemented by the root servers. It can also take up to two weeks for many providers to pickup the new information due to the caching that occurs with their DNS servers. So please be patient, as this the nature of how the internet works.

If you make changes, ensure you allow adequate time for the updates.
Please call or email the office and we will make the changes manually. Please ensure you have your login and password available, without this, we will not be able to make changes.

We have been providing reliable Server space and Bandwidth for 20 years. Please feel free to request references or any further information. All Bandwidth is routed over 1000 meg ports on network Switches with 56Gig backplanes. All bandwidth is available at our location.
Online help can be found here and our trouble ticket system can be found here.

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