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Managed Server Services

Always be prepared - better safe than sorry

Managed Server Services

All our fully Managed VPS servers are designed to be a fully customizable hands-off solution, just select what managed server services and dedicated web hosting options you need.


As no two clients needs are the same and the same logic applies to managed hosting.
All VPS Servers can be Fully Managed for an additional fee per month. Fully Managed Hosting includes any four of the below managed dedicated hosting services. See Semi managed and ala Carte.

Managed Features

2 hours included per month. Additional hours available at R150.00 per hour.

Included Managed Service Features: 

Includes any four ( 4 ) services from the list below.

Software Firewall

Software Firewall Protection for managed dedicated servers can be configured to meet the level of security that you require. Software firewalls provide added flexible security for your managed dedicated servers.

Kernel & OS Updates

Linux dedicated server or a Windows dedicated server, our Kernel & OS Update Service will constantly keep your server up-to-date, which is essential for security.

Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering service is both a great way to increase productivity, and decrease the amount of Trojan and Virus threats.

Server Side Virus Scanning

Server Side Virus Scanning is available for both Linux dedicated servers and dedicated VPS servers

General Managed Web Hosting Services is designed for organizations that do not have 24 hour IT-staff, and need support for basic dedicated server services, as well as control panel troubleshooting.


Reaction Monitoring if your dedicated server at anytime becomes unreachable, one of our on-call techs will immediately begin addressing the situation.

Event Notification

Our advanced monitoring system watches your dedicated server 24/7 and notifies you if anything happens. You may then contact support or turn the issue over to internal staff at your organization.

Server Backups

Server Backups are a necessity, regardless of RAID configuration, or any other types of data replication. Backups can be configured to be set to your choice of interval (daily/weekly/monthly).

Monthly Management fee 
from R300 per/month

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