Cheap Dedicated Servers - low cost

A Starter dedicated serveris the ideal server for those starting out or trying to reduce server costs. These servers are ideal forMail servers, Web servers or a Backup server.


starter dedicated server affordable server cheap dedicated server
  Starter Server S20 Starter Server S24 Starter Server S28
CPU 1.9 Ghz / 2.0 Ghz
2.4 Ghz 2.8 Ghz
- Server Administrator Control Panel included -
- Domain / Virtual Server Control Panel included -
- User Control Panel included -
Hard Drive 80 Gig 160 gig 160 Gig - 250 Gig
Memory 512 Meg 1 Gig 1 Gig
Bandwidth 300 Gig 300 Gig 300 Gig
  $69.95/month $79.95/month $89.95/month
The following is preinstalled and configured to be ready to use
Port 10 Meg 100 Meg 1000 Meg
O / S Centos 5.9 Centos 5.9 Centos 5.9
Webserver yes - Apache 2.23 yes - Apache 2.23 yes - Apache 2.23
Mailserver yes - Postfix
yes - Postfix
yes - Postfix
Email Forwarding Yes Yes Yes
Email Autoresponder Yes Yes Yes
Database yes - Mysql 5
yes - Mysql 5
yes - Mysql 5
Database PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Dns * yes yes yes
Php 5 yes yes yes
Perl 5 yes yes yes
Ssh yes yes yes
UPS Power Backup yes yes yes
Diesel Generator Backup Power yes yes yes
24/7 Network Monitoring yes
yes yes
Secure Administration yes yes yes
Secure Webmail yes yes yes
Secure FTP yes yes yes
- Server restricted Physical Access - Biometric Access - 24 x 7 Video monitored Security -
Ecommerce Capable - the following carts work perfectly on our servers
SSL Secure Server yes yes yes
OS Commerce Shopping Cart yes yes yes
Zen Cart Shopping Cart yes yes yes
Open Cart Shopping Cart yes yes yes
Free Generated Certificate yes yes yes
Password Protected Directories yes yes yes
.htaccess Support yes yes yes
Site Stats yes yes yes
Spam Assassin Protection yes yes yes
Customizable Error Pages yes yes yes
Server Side Includes yes yes yes
Support available 24 x 7
Trouble Ticket yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7
eMail yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7
Forum yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7 yes 24 x 7
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   Subject to availability    

* Installed, but not configured

** Telephone is subject to support contract