Dedicated Server Backup Service

Secure your business-critical information - back up your computer / dedicated servers with flexible storage in our completely separate data centre.

Currently we offer backup for the following :

  • Hosting Domain Config and Data backup
  • Server Config and Data backup
  • Virtual Dedicated Server Backup
  • Off site Backup


FTP / SSH Backup lets you protect your valuable data using our dependable and affordable remote backup solution. We backup your critical data on a separate device / Machine. Your dedicated servers has access to reliable, remote storage for ultimate peace of mind.

  1. Peace of mind of knowing that when your dedicated server becomes unavailable, your important data will be safely stored on a remote server.
  2. Storage, only purchasing what you need, starting at $10/month.
  3. You need no special tools - you can access your data over our network with any standard FTP / SSH client.
  4. Accounts scale in 10 GB increments.
  5. Backup provisioned within minutes