Colocated servers

Colocation Server services are for those that require complete control over their server configuration.

cabinetsblue.gifColocation is a service in which you operate a server that you own. If you do not already have one, we can build a server for you to your colocation server needs. The difference between dedicated servers and colocated servers are, In a dedicated server environment, the server is owned by the us, whereas a colocated environment, the server is your own.

The costs associated with colocated servers are rental fees and connection fees.

The Rental Fee is the cost of the actually space your colocated server needs in our data center.racksblue.jpg We offer space from 1U to a full rack. ( measurement is based on the industry standard of 1U being 1.75 inches. Most servers come in either 1U or 2U configurations. Servers with many hard drives can be as high as 3U or 4U.

The Connection charge is the measurement of the total number of gigabytes transferred per month, a connection average is usually used. i.e 1 mbp/s connection means that you can average 1 megabyte of transfer per second for the entire month. 1 mbp/s is approximately 320 Gigs per month. We offer burstable and fixed rate connection options.

All colocated and dedicated servers are located in our data facility at Miami Data Vault, a Cat 5 rated building. The physical infrastructure of our hosting environment is designed to have minimal effect by natural disasters, and is located on the 3rd floor.

You can be ensured that your server and the data it contains is kept safe. The Security / Access is by bio-metric hand scan plus locked doors. Only proper authorization personnel will have access to your server. All access is monitored 24X7 by Security personnel

Bandwidth provided by our upstreams, is load balanced and fail over is provided via BGB4 for maximum redundancy.

We have been providing reliable colocation facilities, web hosting, dedicated servers and Domain name registration since 1995, we pride ourselves with an uptime of reliability above the web hosting industry. For more about the features that we offer for colocation

Please call or contact us if you have special requirements. All colocated server options and ordering are available here. All Colocated Servers are Subject to our Standard terms and Conditions, as well as our Zero Tolerance Spam Policy.