Reliability, Experience, Speed, and Service are the only words that best describe our Network and Data Operations Center. With a Network uptime of 99,999% spanning 14 years, this is no mean feat

Reliability :

Our Data center infrastructure is state of the art! Our Network is managed by the most experienced staff with the most reliable and proven hardware in the industry. Everything is prepared with the focus on security and maximum uptime. All power is supplied from two independent power grids, as well as a diesel backup generator that is capable of powering our network for 10,000 hours. We use advanced server and network monitoring tools both on site as well as off site to monitor integrity. BGP4 manages our multiple backbone connections to the internet.

Speed :

We connect you to the Internet at high speed with our multiple connections, leaving our facility over fiber optic connections. We have multiple backbone connections, to minimize the risk of our lines being cut. If you need room to grow, it will please you to find that even at peak times of the day, we only use about 35% of our total available capacity, and we will add new connections as required!

Service : was founded on the premise that it is possible to give consistently outstanding reliability and Service, at rates that make doing business easy. We have proven this to be true time, and time again with our dedicated server support. with many clients being hosted for more than 12 years. What do you need? We can provide it. From the difficult task of building and setting up a custom solution that you may need ‘yesterday’; to helping you troubleshoot a simple email issue.

We are here to help you get the job done with our staff of experts. Call or contact us, and put us to the test. You won’t be sorry!